• Sunseal Aussie Animals

    $7.23 inc GST

    Capturing Australias unique fauna: kangaroo, koala, platypus, echidna, wombat & goanna.

  • Suncatcher Ulysses Butterfly

    $7.23 inc GST

    The iridescent blue butterfly from far North Queensland.

  • Sunlight Rainbow Heart

    $5.00 inc GST

    Bold, fun & colourful.

  • Sunlight Magic Happens

    $5.00 inc GST

    It does to the believer.

  • White Sage & Lavender Clearing Spray

    $18.14 inc GST

    Content ml: 100ml

  • Sunlight Australian Bush Butterflies

    $5.00 inc GST

    Pretty on anyones window.

  • Crystal Bath Salt 450g

    $4.50 inc GST

    Relax and indulge with therapeutic salt crystals from the Himalayas. 100% natural, this pack of Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals will soften, detoxify and cleanse your skin while soothing your body. Himalayan pink salt is regarded as the purest salt on Earth, and is naturally rich in iodine and essential minerals. Dissolve in hot water, pour in a warm bath and enjoy! Size: 1kg Material: 100% natural Himalayan salt

  • Sunseal Australian Budgerigar

    $7.23 inc GST

    Birds of a feather flock together, everyone loves our budgies.

  • Ceramic Mini Backflow Cone Burner

    $5.41 inc GST

    Size: 5cm x 4cm Material: Ceramic Made in China

  • Sunstrip Australian Birdlife

    $7.23 inc GST

    Over the years our inexpensive range of Sunstrip decals have proven to be just the thing for glass door safety. Suntrip Nature Decals are designed with Australia`s vast and fascinating fauna and flora in mind. These colourful decals look great in homes, apartments, offices and bathrooms. There are 2 strips per pack that fit easily across most glass doors. Size: Each strip is approximately 23.5cm x 5cm.

  • Sunlight Fairy Dance

    $5.00 inc GST

    Who could resist a dance or two with this diva.

  • Sunlight Blue Om Mandala

    $5.00 inc GST

    Intricately delivered, this Om symbolises the Universe.

  • Sunlight Buddha Blessing

    $5.00 inc GST

    Don?t worry be Happy.

  • Sunseal Loving Kindness

    $7.23 inc GST

    A little love and kindness goes a long way.

  • Suncatcher Flower Fairy

    $7.23 inc GST

    A magic friend bearing gifts from the garden.

  • Singing Bowl Gift Set – Small

    $31.20 inc GST

    Singing bowls originated in the Himalayas over 2000 years ago. The natural & harmonius sounds emitted by singing bowls is used to invoke a state of deep relaxation, which assists meditation, the ultimate goal of which is enlightenment. They are a vital aid to meditation & are found in Buddhist Monasteries & Temples around the world. In recent years singing bowls have been used in holistic healing, chakra healing, sound therapy, Reiki, feng shui & many other areas related to purifying negative impulses & relieving stress. This beautiful gift set includes a singing bowl, silk cushion, striker & is presented in recycled paper gift box Size: box: 10cm, singing bowl: 7.5cm diameter Made in Nepal

  • Sunlight Buddha Eyes

    $5.00 inc GST

    This is a third eye, symbolizing the all-seeing wisdom of the Buddha.

  • Brass Bell Small

    $8.14 inc GST

    Size: 115cm long with 12 small brass bells. Material: Brass Made in India

  • Sunlight Eye of Wisdom

    $5.00 inc GST

    Open your eye to inner realms & spaces of higher consciousness.

  • Sunseal Dancing Ganesh

    $7.23 inc GST

    The dance of protection by our fancy pants elephant God.

  • White Sage Soap

    $7.23 inc GST

    White Sage has traditionally been used for clearing residual energies but it also contains antibacterial properties that can help boost the immune system. The USDA has approved White Sage to assist as a natural treatment for many skin condition and of course can also help to remove negative energies Weight: Each bar 100gm

  • Smudge Feather

    $8.14 inc GST

    Size: 35cm

  • Medium Leather Journal – White & Black Tree of Life with Clasp

    $27.23 inc GST

    Our leather journals are embossed with a range of powerful symbols. Each journal features a different design on the front and back of the cover, boasting a sophisticated level of detail and craftsmanship. Inside, textural pages are made from handmade paper, that has been recycled from excess cotton used in the textile industry. The journal is finished with a convenient string tie, perfect for keeping all those journal entries safely tucked away! Size: 13cm x 18cm Material: Leather cover with recycled paper pages Made in India

  • Sunlight Buddha Nature

    $5.00 inc GST

    Literally means "Buddha-realm".