• Frog Pocket Statue

    $4.95 inc GST

    Size: 2.5cm Material: Brass Assorted Frog designs Made in India

  • IM Leather Journal – Flower of Life

    $32.95 inc GST

    Our leather journals are embossed with a range of powerful symbols. Each journal features a different design on the front and back of the cover, boasting a sophisticated level of detail and craftsmanship. Inside, textural pages are made from handmade paper, that has been recycled from excess cotton used in the textile industry. The journal is finished with 2 brass clasps, perfect for keeping all those journal entries safely tucked away! Size: 15cm x 20cm Material: Leather cover with recycled paper pages Made in India

  • Resin Incense – HEM Frankincense

    $5.95 inc GST

    Resins have been used for centuries in Rituals, Ceremonies & Churches around the world. Unit contains: 30gm Made in India

  • Tingsha Cymbal 6.5cm – Dragon

    $45.00 inc GST

    Tinghsa Cymbals are musical instruments used traditionally for singing, chanting, ritual offerings & ceremonies by Hindu and Buddhists. They are also used to prepare for meditation, during healing ceremonies, space clearing & sound therapy treatment By striking one cymbal against the edge of the other they produce a clear, pure, cleansing sound which can be used to focus the mind before & after meditation. Size: 6.5cm diameter Made in India