Salt Lamp 2-3kg with 12V Cord & Bulb

Salt Lamp 2-3kg with 12V Cord & Bulb

This crystal salt lamp creates a pure and pleasant room atmosphere. The diffused light gives a warm glow and harmonious feel. A salt lamp purifies the air from dirt particles and electro-smog by means of ionisation. The larger the lamp, the larger the surface area that is ionised.

This unique gift…

– is a natural air purifier (ionizer)

– balances humidity in a room

– gives a warm glow and positive atmosphere

– promotes good sleep

– provides better Feng-Shui at a working, living or sleeping place

Size: 2-4kg

Material: Salt lamp on wooden base

Lamp made in Pakistan, Cords & Bulbs made in China

Includes: Australian two-pin plug (E14, 220-240 Volts). & an E14, 12-Watt light bulb.


$48.00 inc GST

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 30 cm