Heat Pillow – Akuna Dreaming by Agnes Rubuntja

Heat Pillow – Akuna Dreaming by Agnes Rubuntja

Our beautiful Heat/Chill Pillows are 100% Australian Made, feature authentic Aboriginal Australian prints and are filled with triple sifted, hardened wheat and aromatic herbs.

They can be used heated or cooled to relieve aches, pains, bruising or swelling.

A removable cover also makes for easy washing.

Agnes Rubuntja is a skilled Aboriginal designer. She learnt much of the artwork from her father, who was an artist, as well as a respected community leader. When she was young, Agnes used to collect bush tucker. She travelled around nearby bush and waterholes to swim and get bush tucker. In this artwork the dots resemble waterholes and the lines in between them are snakes. Snakes are guarding the water in the waterholes so that no one can spoil or steal the water.

Size: 46cm x 13cm

Material: Cotton filled with Wheat & Aromatic Herbs

Handmade in Australia

$32.00 inc GST

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