• Sunlight Kookaburra & King Parrot

    $5.50 inc GST

    Both can keep a tune but also wake you too early.

  • Suncatcher Australia

    $7.95 inc GST

    The land under the Southern Cross.

  • Sunstrip Ganesh

    $7.95 inc GST

    A spiritual design safety strip for your glass doors & windows.

  • Sunstrip Koala in Tree

    $7.95 inc GST

    Over the years our inexpensive range of Sunstrip decals have proven to be just the thing for glass door safety. Suntrip Nature Decals are designed with Australia`s vast and fascinating fauna and flora in mind. These colourful decals look great in homes, apartments, offices and bathrooms. There are 2 strips per pack that fit easily across most glass doors. Size: Each strip is approximately 23.5cm x 5cm.